Who are we?

Single Malt Whisky in Australia is growing at an unprecedented rate as consumers seek to drink less, but drink better. Consumers are searching for new and more individual tastes, they are becoming much more educated in their choice of fine whisky.


We at Whisky Galore Australia (WGA), through our partners in Scotland aim to be able to meet this ever-growing specialist demand. We source the very best that the Scotch Whisky world can provide. Single Malt Whisky is recognised as the finest Scotch Whisky available, we go one step further and source Single Barrel, Single Malt Whisky. In Scotch Whisky circles it is well known that individual casks impart their own DNA and finger printing to their whisky. One cask of Malt will nose and taste differently when tasted side by side with other barrels, even from the same distillery on the same day.


WGA is committed to bring you the finest Whisky available. Please browse through our stock and remember we at WGA only received a small amount of each unique bottling, on average 6 bottles from the yield of approximately 300 from a single barrel. If we don’t carry a brand or style that you are keen to try then please let us know and we will attempt to source it for you.