Appearance: Burnished copper.
On the nose: exotic and dried fruits, Manuka honey, campfire wood smoke and pepper.
Palate: Rich and oily, indulgent salted vanilla fudge, dried fruits return and toasted almonds.
Finish: The dying embers of a fire linger, stem ginger in syrup adds to a deliciously long finish.

A true celebration of an old coastal style malt.

Founded 1825 by Charles Colville, a travelling cartwright who partnered with four other local businessmen. Dalaruan was an integral part of the rise of Campbeltown into a ‘Whisky Capital.’ Dalaruan produced a triple-distilled Campbeltown Malt whisky which was a key component of world-famous Greenlees’ Bros blend ‘Lorne.’ In 1826 they produced 14,295 gallons and in 1885 – 112,000 gallons. Dalaruan eventually sold for closure at auction in 1925 during the whisky industry collapse. At its height, Campbeltown had 34 working distilleries, alas today only 3.

Bottle size: 700ml
ABV: 46%

The Lost Distillery Dalaruan Archivist